All our products have the Swan Mark: The official and most famous ecolabel in the Nordic region. It gives a clear signal that the garments are made in decent 


Door Aspekt White. - Flat with slightly rounded edge. - 16mm MDF. - Color NCS S 0500-N, water-based UV- hardened. - Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

This means that the revenue from fees is used to process applications and manage certifications in the national ecolabelling organisations - and to increase the supply and demand for ecolabelled goods and services. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides a trustworthy and effective tool, for both producers and consumers. Producers may, assisted by Nordic Ecolabelling’s check lists and know-how, build high-quality and energy efficient houses without unnecessary chemicals – the kind of houses people want to live in. Ecolabelling Denmark is responsible for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel - the two official ecolabels in Denmark. We control and certify ecolabelled products and services. Ecolabelling Denmark is part of the Danish Standards Foundation.

Swan ecolabel

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Shoppa mer miljövänliga jeans hos VERO MODA! Utforska vår The Nordic Swan Ecolabel-märkta kollektion här. The certification ensures that Icehotel meets the Nordic Swan Ecolabel criteria on how to deal with waste management, water usage, chemical usage, organic  The purpose of this report is to compare the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Product Environmental Footprint with a focus on environmental information. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel. Samarbetet som Gina Tricot haft sedan 2019 med nordiska miljömärkningen Svanen får oss att ödmjukt vilja sträcka på oss själva  The Swan is the official Nordic eco-label, decided upon by the Nordic Council of Ministers more than 25 years ago. It is a voluntary, positive labelling of goods and  Nordic Swan is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries to indicate that the product meets responsible environmental requirements. With the  The purpose of this report is to compare the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Product Environmental Footprint with a focus on environmental  License number, 2049 0002 (2049 0002).

We have access to the highest rated LCA software and databases for this purpose and will prepare and design your EPD to reflect your corporate look and image.

Overview of criteria. Below you will find criteria for products which can be certtified with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel or the EU Ecolabel. For each product group you can find criteria and background documents, application form and information about fees.

Yes, we do have your ethnics as well. We manufacture garden hoses and water hoses for a wide variety of applications.

Swan ecolabel

ISO 50001; Traceability – PEFC™. Additional Eco-labels such as the Nordic Swan and the EU Flower are a strong signal of our environmental commitment.

Swan ecolabel

An important step towards this vision is for us all, with the help of ecolabelling, to choose the most environmentally-friendly products. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel provides strong support for Kährs sustainability work Tue, Aug 27, 2019 11:16 CET. Kährs, a leading manufacturer and distributor of flooring has successfully in 2019 renewed its license and certification for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. Se hela listan på Short film about the Nordic Swan Ecolabel Gina Lab är Gina Tricots innovationsprogram där vi tillåter oss att utforska nya områden, tekniker och material inom mer hållbart och cirkulärt mode. The purpose of this report is to compare the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Product Environmental Footprint with a focus on environmental information. The report compares the methods used by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the PEF to identify the product-group-specific relevant environmental aspects. Questo video descrive la filosofia dell'etichetta ambientale Swan Ecolabel e ed il suo utilizzo ci è stato gentilmente concesso dalla Nordic Ecolabelling nor The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is one of the founders back in 1994 of the international network for ISO 14024 Type 1 ecolabels, GEN, the Global Ecolabelling Network. Products 1 - 18 of 27 The Nordic Swan Eco Label is the official Nordic ecolabel, introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

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Swan ecolabel

Established in 1989, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. It is licensed only to products and services that are the best in terms of the environment. A manufacturer, importer or service provider may apply for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for a product or service whose eco-labelling criteria have been confirmed by the Nordic Ecolabelling Board. The Nordic Swan Ecolabel was created in 1989 and covers 60 product families (office automation, electronics, maintenance, furniture, restaurants, etc.). It analyses the entire life cycle of the product – from the origin of the raw materials to its energy consumption, the use of chemicals and packaging.

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The Nordic Swan label is an ISO 14024 Type 1 labelling system developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and 

• The Nordic Swan Ecolabel not only covers environmental but also quality requirements, since the environment and quality often go hand in hand. This means that a Nordic Swan Ecolabel licence can also be seen as a mark of quality.

Conformity with Nordic Ecolabel or "Swan"'s standard is verified by an independent organization (third party) following ISO 17011 Accreditation, ISO 17021 Management system certification, ISO 17025 Testing and Calibration Laboratories

Nordic Ecolabel or "Swan" Demonstrates that a product is a good environmental choice.

Marmoleum Environmental Nordic Swan Ecolabel  Nordic Swan Ecolabel - Svanen The whole of Karlstad CCC, including our Karl IX restaurant, carries the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, which means that we fulfil the  As a part of our environmental efforts, our restaurants are Nordic Swan Ecolabelled since 2008. Today, our entire facility has earned the Nordic Swan Ecolabel  NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL.